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Neuro-Linguistic Diploma Course


Neuro-Linguistic Programing Diploma Training
Certified from the International NLP Training Association, USA

What is this training about and how does it change you and solve your problems?

This is an introductory course to the main principles and practices of NLP.

It teaches you how to plan the changes you want,

set more effective goals, connect more easily with others

no matter who they are, change patterns of thought and behaviour,

and witness more productive results in your life.

Major points you reach in NLP Diploma
– Control your emotions
– Change your habits
– Get rid of phobias
– Improve your communication
– Understand yourself and the other
– Understand the difference between you and other
– Deal with the difference between you and the other
– Build goals and learn to reach them
– Learn how to convince others and build rapport with them
– Change your limiting presuppositions
– Learn the tools to connect with your subconscious mind

Themes Covered:

Definition of NLP
The learning ladder
The Mercedes model
NLP presupposition
Representational system
Association and dissociation
Adjusting negative feelings
Circle of excellence
New behavior generator
The swish technique
Sub modalities
The conscious and the unconscious mind
NLP perceptual positions
The Walt Disney Strategy

This course does not require any prior knowledge in psychology or in NLP
Certificates are given from the International NLP Training Association, USA
The course is given over the period of three days (6 hours each)

Place : Citea Hotel, Ashrafieh
Date and Time: Saturdays of June 15,22, and 29
from 1 till 7 p.m.
— Trainer—
Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, Paula Hayek

Registration Fees: $480

Method of Registration

1- Online via Librarie Antoine

2- Visit any Librarie Antoine branch

3- Visit Bann Center office in Hazmieh.

For more info:

– email us to info@banncenter.com

– call us on 961 78824850 or

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NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

NLP is one of the most successful training programs that help people achieve goals and reach success and enhance communication skills in both individuals or group circumstances. It helps people encounter the daily stress whether at work, at home, or at any other domain of life. NLP is crucial as well for strategic planning and management.
NLP Practitioner, Level two, is a very comprehensive level that delves into thorough details and targets people who are after becoming professional in self development and training themselves or others.

—-Themes that are covered—-
Representational System
− Representational System Forms
o The Leader System
o The Comparison System
o Eye accessing Cues
− Shifting in Representational Systems
− Sensory Based Language
NLP Presuppositons
– The Mind Map
– Ability and Possibility
– Flexibility
– Communication
− Calibration
− Rapport levels
− Mirroring, Pacing, and Leading
− Sorting
Communication Model
− Filters
− Communication Model Establishment
− Successful Communicator
− Communication Blockers
− Art of Leading a Situation
− Recalling a Situation and Inferring the Type
Framing and Reframing
Programming is Linguistic
− Meta Language Model
− The Milton Model
− Hypnosis Presumptions
− Hypnosis Levels
− Different Definitions of the Unconscious
− Hypnosis Process
Indirect Trance Induction Pattern
− Embedded Commands
− Magic Words
Timeline of Time Line Therapy

At the end of the course, the trainees receive:
– Certified NLP Practitioner Certificate from the International NLP Trainign Association, INLPTA, USA
– NLP Practitioner Certificate from Bann for Training and Consultancy
– The top 20 NLP Books (Ebooks)

—-Course Prerequisites—-
NLP Level one certified from any internationally accresited NLP institution.

June 15, 22, 29 and July 6, and 13

Bann Center in Hazmieh

Call +961 3 922168 or email: info@banncenter.com

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