NLP Diploma Course

14 Sep 2016

SWITCH IT ON! NLP Diploma Course

The NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming course provides you with the opportunity to design and program your self in order to achieve you goals and ambitions and get rid of the major emotional or physical obstacles facing your life.
NLP Course Outcomes

– Getting Rid of Phobias

– Getting Rid of Bad or Unwanted Habits and Addictions, e.g., Smoking, Overeating, …etc.

– Treating physical pains such as cancer, allergy, headaches, … etc.

– Overcoming Emotional Traumas and Shocks

– Building New Goals and Strategies

– Enhancing Business Efficiency and Creativity

– Improving and Boosting Communication Skills

– Developing High Self-Esteem

– Providing Major Keys for Convincing Strategies

– Providing the Means for Changing the Behavioral, Emotional, and Thinking Skills
At the end of the course, you receive

– A certificate from the International NLP Training Association, INLPTA, USA.

– A certificate from Bann Consultancy and Training, Beirut, Lebanon.


– NLP course booklet.
Course Date (2016)

October 15,22 and 29 from 1 till 7 p.m.

Rotana (Lancaster) Hotel, Hazmieh
Course Fees:

$ 480

Tickets are available at all Antoine branches

For more info, please call

+961 3 922 168

Or email us to:

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Zoha Abdulsater