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Company History:

Bann is a specialized company for consultations and training that was launched in 2008, under the name Bann. The company has recruited and trained a specialized team to offer its training and consultation services for individuals, educational, social, familial, financial and other institutions under the supervision of Mr. Ahmad Youssef, the founder and director general.


What the word BANN means


Bann names a very unique tree that grows mainly in the desert.  What distinguishes this tree in particular is its surprising flexibility and high ability to adapt and grow fast within various changing atmospheres and surroundings. Bann tree blossoms orange and blue flowers in spring season, and we chose it as the symbol of Bann’s message.


Our Services:


We provide three main services:

  • Training Services

Since we work in partnership with the reputable international institutions, we provide training services for individuals or corporations that meet up with the standards of the institutions we give certificates from. The major trainings we present are: Neuro-Linguistic Programming in its three levels. We customize the NLP program to serve various fields within insitutions like school and universities, human recourses staff and managers, marketing and sales departments, strategic planning departments, managerial departments, and various other fields of work. We also provide other development trainings such as the MBTI for personality analysis, emotional intelligence, fast learning techniques, and others.

  • Consultation Services

Ahmad Youssef is Bann’s consultant who deals with many types of social, psychological, familial problems such as personality disorders, family and couple problems, bad habits, OCD, personality problems, parents and children conflicts, addiction (Drugs or Alcohol), … etc. Our specialty is that we give practical and efficient solutions to the problems in order to help individuals build a well-balanced and successful personality. Our consultation services are provided in our Beirut office and on SKYPE for clients who live abroad or have difficulty reaching our office. More than 500 clients earned the best results through consultancy follow-up with Ahmad Youssef.

  • Business Solutions

Whether people are starting their business or have their own and want to expand it and make it a trouble free company, Bann guarantees to make this happen. Our director general, Ahmad Youssef, with his wide experience in the fields of corporate training, psychology, sociology… etc. can help through the many challenges and competitions that fill the market nowadays. No matter what type of business it was: personal, sole trader, corporate, partnership, cooperative or family business, we work for the purpose of its success.

We are privileged to be partners with

The International NLP Training Association, USA

The International Academy for Training and Consultancy, USA.